Sunday, January 22, 2012

Care is Like Water

Like water, care surrounds us; care buoys us up. Care lets us float; care is the source of all life. Whether water means a single drop, or an ocean nourishing all life; care is the moment in time when we touch a life, and care is the heart of a nation caring for strangers suffering a great loss.

Mojave Woman Carrying Water on Her Head
 Life thrives on water and care. Water is both the drop and the wave; Care happens at the point when a  woman keeps her home, or a man hoes a row, and Care is the wave of a three and a half billion women keeping their homes everywhere. Both water and care are becoming scarce in many parts of the world as women and men move into urbana to work.

This work that women do, and have done from the dawn of our humanity is how we have thrived in times past but alas this story has been buried in infamy and disrespect.

Margaret Mead called for a retelling of the story on Earth Day, 41 years ago.
 What we need beyond anything else, is a frame of reference, a model of cherishing care for the earth and all human needs. … Have we, then, another model? I believe we have. It is women’s unremitting care for their families and homes.  Age after age, women have learned to conserve, to plan for the next day and the next season, to use carefully whatever they had and to keep a continual balance between giving and meeting the needs of everyone in the home. Women’s conservative tendencies were born out of the limitations of the household, a small, closed universe. They have always had to think: So much food to lay away for the winter and the distant spring, so many mouths to feed each day.
We are hungry for a new story but sadly it is the way of the world, a way as old as monotheism to look to the sky for answers. Many are still looking at the stars, looking toward the universe.  They look for inspiration deep in  dark matter,  black holes, beyond the space time continuum .
It was a wise old archeologist who once said of the temple mounds, “If you want to understand the temple mounds, don’t stand at the bottom looking up, go to the top and look down.” 
The new story, is not new; it is new to us. We are each here through the care of hundreds of mothers and communities of women who created resilient networks through any means necessary so that we could live today. We have been fed and clothed, sheltered and healed, in communities. Men care to be sure, but it is women's ways of caring that have been lost to us.

Come home to your Mother, the Earth,  she loves you unconditionally. Learn what women know: how to create resilient communities as they have done since humanity began. Women’s community is the original gift community. Women have always been here, just turn your head and see; really see.

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