Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kindly I Nurture You in Living

                                     Video: Narayan Krishnan: Companion to the Forgotten

 As you know if you've read other posts in my blog, I have been searching for a definition of care that was universal enough to encompass all forms of care, and specific enough to describe what is actually done. About a year ago my friend Jeff Vanderclute posted a challenge. Tell a story in six words. My 'story' was a gift to myself. It was my six word definition of care: Kindly I nurture you in living. This man embodies human care for another.

When I think of care, I think of this man.He demonstrates all of the elements of human caring. Indeed he shows all of the elements of the kind of care essential to nursing as a spiritual practice. Nursing, as a profession, is offered to strangers outside ones family or friends. Nursing is caring for the basic needs of human beings, with kindness. Nursing is caring for whatever essentials for human living are missing. Nursing is driven by the needs of the Other. Ideally, nursing is given freely and willingly. Men and women have traditionally practiced loving kindness as part of some religious traditions.

In my own experience religious communities of men and women provide nursing care to the sick and impoverished. So I am honored to be able to share this video with you. Thank you Jana Szabo for bringing it to my attention.

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