Saturday, July 20, 2013



If I catch you
it is only for the moment.
This moment
only this one now,
where we are now,
and here.

If I catch you in the moment
I may find you by the blackened sea
 where there is so much room for light.
Sometimes I can shine a beam
into the blackness,
 in the moment
this moment,
only this one.

These moments are treasures,
 blue and green agates on the shores of my days.
Days when I can bring your smile up,
and out into the sun shine.
These treasures stack up
one on the next.
A sand castle on my beach.

Sometimes you catch me,
in momentum of your momentous moment.
You catch me.
Terrified, holding on for dear life
to the shore,
grasping at stones and shells,
the pieces of my life,
my memories of the past
what I was and what I was not.
Remenants of a life
far from here,
far from now.
Remenants from a life I know.

I listen
to the crashing waves
of your words
on the shores of this moment.
I listen.
As the tide rips me away.

It is here that I miss the mark.
The stones I send,
words really,
skip and bounce off the surface
of your sea change.

You call out,
I lock into your pain with my own.
 Grief sits like an ice castle.
In my solar plexus.
There is only heart freeze,
like brain freeze white and hot.
I write to melt the ice.

These close encounters
bring me to a place of deep knowing
 passing through immeasurable hurt and grief.
It hurts to hurt someone
you love this much.

So, at the edge of the tide I sit.
melting in the sun.
The pulsing blood in my temples
the heart of the universe
beating inside my body,
tells me
this is no ordinary journey.

The sea’s foamy fingers
play with
the stones and shells,
fingering melodies
ebbing flowing
over the souls of my feat.
so still.
Breath flows
into my silent spaces.
Storms pass.
Calm returns me
to where there is so much room
for light in this moment,
here. now.

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