Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Unseen Moment

Comforting a family
In the darkest hours
Celebrating a new life
On the brightest days
Caring for those who
No longer can for them selves
Compassion for those whom
Society deems unworthy
A routine that seems
Cold and methodical
Can be recited by a heart
That is so full
Of humanity and mercy
That it almost daily breaks
Spilling out behind closed doors
And into soft pillows
Only to be sutured by the understanding
Of an empathic companion
Who has also chosen to walk the path
Along a river forged by
The quiet tears of a Nurse.

by Laura Tarasoff
"I often see the tears of a nurse. Yesterday, stepping off the elevator I encountered such a moment. That inspired this."

My friend Laura wrote this beautiful poem that so captures

the experience of being a nurse. Thanks Laura for letting me

share this beautiful poem.

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