Thursday, August 14, 2014

Jesus didn't die to save us.

Raffaello Sanzio - The Agony in the Garden
Last night I had a dream when Jesus came to me
Why was it meant to be?  In the garden his agony.

He said,
The day before I died, I was in agony
I cried out father, Oh God, Father;
 take this chalice away from me,
Why was it meant to be this agony?
in the garden,  in the garden I was in agony.

Lift this dark cloud off of me, Father I can’t bear it; 
Take this shroud away from me, Father I can’t wear it,
Not my will but thine, I said, and by the morning I was dead.
Could the death of a son of god have been a suicide by cop?

When  Soldiers  came I didn’t hide,
 It was by their hand this Jesus died.
They say I’m Jesus the Nazarene,
 Of the Jews, I am the king.

All my friends were sleeping,
In the garden I was weeping.
Just a decade in the rosary, my agony, 
it wasn’t meant to be.  This agony.

You make a hero out of me,
you worship me, adore me,
You pray to me to save you by his amazing grace.
All the time forgetting  that  the price glory
Is to bear the pain of  all the human race.

I’m not the only son of god, perhaps the first but not the last.
They say the good die young, they must, to let this chalice pass.
Many hearts are broken now,  many lives touched by the blast, 
First the anger, then the bargain, then acceptance comes  at last.

They don’t deserve to die
 these brilliant stars in our night sky.
When the concert is over, the sermon is done,  
the heart may lie empty, absent the sun.

He was a kind, a gentle soul,
and he loved all children so.
Let them come to me, he said,
 I will give them wine and bread.
He cured the blind; he healed the lame;
and he took on our human shame

Did he have a motive?  He was in agony
Did he have a plan? Sure, They’ll hang him on a tree.
He gave them opportunity, to kill him when only thirty-three.
They say,  I’m  Jesus the Nazarene,  Of the Jews, I am the king.

It’s part of their make up, these brilliant night stars,
 their lives like beacons, that  flame out in the dark.
When the concert is over, the sermon is done,
the heart may lie empty, absent the sun.

What if their friends had stayed awake,
 What if they saw what is at stake
They didn’t know they were part of his plan,
their guilt and shame, came when they ran.

Jesus lived to love and show us;  They didn’t kill him just to save us;
The concert was over, the sermon was done, the heart it lay empty, absent the sun.
We’ll never know what might have been, had a friend been there for him.

RIP Robin Williams 8/11/2014

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